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§127-2-5 2 Semester and Season
2019-05-10 08:42:45John Gray
Roane County Schools
Spencer WV
This is a good proposal and provides a balance between all schools. It levels the playing field for rural schools. Student athletes must ride the bus over an hour to get to school and to get home for most rural schools. It makes it difficult to get kids to participate when they return late from games and then must travel such long distances to get home only to turn around and do it all over again, where student athletes in more urban areas can be home in a relative short time. I like the proposal and only hope that it can be expanded to include all sports across the state. I encourage passage of this proposal.  
2019-05-10 18:17:23Rob Benson
Ravenswood WV
Need to look at Catholic/Private Schools, not changing the way WVSSAC proposes. All that is happening is giving Catholic/Private two Classifications to win. Look at the facts, the "A" division has 54 teams 9 or 16.66% of which are Catholic/private. There are 13815 students of which 1353 or 9.7% are Catholic/Private schools. In boys basketball over last 18 years Catholic/Private have won 15 or 83.3% of the Championships. The girls have won 16 or 88%. So out of both boys and girls, 9.7% of the student population in WV in the last 16 years, have won 31 times out of a possible 36. Even as bad in those 36 Championship games a Catholic/Private School has had a least 1 participant in every single one. And 22 of those 36 times both Championship participants were Catholic/Private schools. This is what needs to be addressed, but for some reason (money) looks like this proposal is just a smoke screen to not address the real problem. I hope this unfairness will be looked into,for as of right now 9.7% of the student population is being given preferential treatment over the other 90.2% legitimate student/athletes. If you are looking to do the right thing, this should be obvious and numbers don lie. Thank You  
2019-05-13 09:29:38George R Nelson
Scott Depot WV
In regard to Proposal 9:  
Can someone tell me the logic behind using the "driving distance from the school to the county seat" for the new classification system? This doesn make much sense. The county seat isn always at the economic center. The formula uses county population divided by distance to the county seat. So as the distance gets shorter (close to zero), the number balloons. Schools that happen to be close to the county seat get hammered.  
Chapmanville is ~15miles from Logans county seat. Logan High is less than a mile. Logan goes to 3A but Chapmanville gets to stay in 2A. As a former Logan county resident, I can say that Chapmanville and Logan are usually fairly well matched. Chapmanville took its 2nd straight basketball title this year. They also had a better football record than Logan. Why is Logan punished simply by being close to the courthouse?  
Hurricane High is 12 miles to the county seat. Winfield High is about a mile. Hurricane is clearly in a better economic location. Hurricane is close to the interstate, a Wal-Mart and large car dealerships. Winfield is clearly more rural, but the county seat just happens to be closer. So, they both end up in 4A. Winfield is currently a 2A school. Moving them up to 4A would be a mistake.  
As a concerned parent, I implore you to not use this metric in determining the WVSSAC classifications.
2019-05-14 13:11:38john mensore
new martinsville wv
The formula you use is very flawed, the average county in WV has around 33,000 residents you have 18 counties near or above that measure with Kanawha topping out at 200,000 and you have 10 counties with less than 10,000 residents in total. The threshold for one of your parameters is a city with 10,000 residents or a county seat. The entire county does not even meet the threshold of one city. Your formula sees no difference between these discrepancies. No county below the average of 30,000 should be scored on any metric having to do distance to a county seat that should be a factor for schools only over the average size county. Im shocked that you can say all 55 county seats have advantages like extra facilities and such. That is totally false. I would venture to say only about 20 counties have any such elite gym centers AAU teams, civic Arenas and such. If you truly feel that it is a metro vs rural problem then explain by what metric those bottom 10-15 counties are metro just one metric. You can your issue is in the metro cites we can agree on that but your formula skates around the issue with ridiculous parameters such as county seat and miles form school front door to county seat. Wirt county has a total population of around 5,500 vs Kanawha with a population close to 200,000. and yet they use the same metric either county seat or city with 10,000 residents ridiculous. I think we know the problem is all the private schools are in what most sane people, reasonable people and fair people would say are truly metro areas. There are 55 counties in WV there are not 55 Metro areas.  
I know your trying to do something this will not work.
2019-05-17 14:55:20Richard Harper
Special Education Teacher/ Wrestling Coach
Herbert Hoover High School
Elkview WV
I like the plan that has been proposed. Im interested in how it will work for wrestling but like any change you have to work out the kinks. Right now I feel that a change needs to be made especially for wrestling because I feel A and AA are a very competitive class. I feel AAA has lost numbers and as a whole has become a weaker class. Not enough depth in AAA. Again just my opinion so yes I agree with the changes being made and still think that things will be a continuous work in progress and we just have to keep trying to make things better.