Professional Development Modules

Reading for Thinking and Learning - "Read the Chapter Then Answer the Questions - NOT!"

This module was designed to introduce teachers to a variety of reading strategies that can be used in all content areas to help students get the meaning from what they are asked to read.  This module can be delivered in one 6-hour session or divided into three 2-hour sessions.

Module Overview

Activity 1:  What Do You Know?

     What Do You Know Knowledge Rating

Activity 2: Setting a Purpose for Reading

     The House Handout

Activity 3:  Anticipation Guide

     Anticipation Guide on Overpopulation

     Overpopulation Handout

     Blank Anticipation Guide

Activity 4:  KWL Chart and Read Aloud

     KWL Chart

     KNWS Chart

     Picture Book Bibliography

Activity 5:  THIEVES Strategy for Previewing Text

     THIEVES Explanation


Activity 6:  Reading Strategy for Nonfiction Text

     Reading Strategy for Nonfiction Text

     Text for Reading Strategy

Activity 7:  Choose & Use a Before Reading Strategy

     Reflection Journal

     Before Reading Strategy List

Activity 8:  Think Aloud

     The Raven

Activity 9:  Double Entry Journal or Two Column Notes

     Double Entry Journal

Activity 10:  Paired Reading

     Steps in a Paired Reading Activity

     Partner Reading Handout

Activity 11:  Learning Tree

     Learning Tree

Activity 12:  Question Bookmark Using Bloom's Taxonomy

     Question Bookmark Handout

     Question Bookmark

Activity 13:  Structured Note Taking

     Structured Notes Handout

     Structured Notes Example

Activity 14:  Choose & Use a During Reading Strategy

     Reflection Journal

     During Reading Strategies

Activity 15:  Response Sheet

     Response Sheet Handout

Activity 16:  AlphaBoxes

     AlphaBoxes Handout

Activity 17:  Questioning

     Four Types of Reflective Quesions

Activity 18:  Discussion Web

      Discussion Web Graphic Organizer

Activity 19: Exit Slips

     Exit Slips Handout

     Exit Slips

Activity 20:  Mind Map

      Mind Map

      Objects for Mind Map

Activity 21:  Choose & Use an After Reading Strategy

     Reflection Journal

     After Reading Strategies

Activity 22:  Wrap Up