Number and Operations


Susan Hardy      Kindergarten

Number Stories for Kindergarten

Video Clip          Lesson Plan

Joyce Evans       Kindergarten
Frog Pond Math
Video Clip          Lesson Plan
Going on a Pond Hunt

Kellen Harvey       Kindergarten
Patterns in Counting
Video Clip              Lesson Plan

Michelle Holstein       1st Grade
What's Our Relationship?
The Story of Addition and Subtraction
Video Clip              Lesson Plan

Lisa Martin     2nd Grade

Exploring One Half with Pattern Blocks

Video Clip        Lesson Plan

Kim Perkins      3rd Grade
Making Fraction Sets
Video Clip              Lesson Plan


Lauren Jarroll      3rd Grade
Let's Multiply!
Video Clip      Lesson Plan

Carla Calhoun      3rd Grade
The Value of Place Value
Recording Sheet             Digit Cards
Video Clip             Lesson Plan

Teresa Hammond      4th Grade
Ordering Fractions in a Disorderly World
Video Clip               Lesson Plan


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