Becky Haslacker      1st Grade
Shapes, Shapes Everywhere!
Video Clip           Lesson Plan

Michelle Bowles      2nd- 3rd Grade

What's the Point?

Video Clip        Lesson Plan

Candy Cain      3rd Grade

Building Polyhedra

Solids with Names     Solids without Names

How Many Faces, Edges and Vertices?

Video Clip        Lesson Plan


Billie Jo Falcon      3rd Grade

Is Symmetry Useful?

Video Clip          Lesson Plan


Lori Symes      4th Grade

Qualities of Quadrilaterals or Quadrangle Tango

Quadrangle Chart     Quadrangle Definitions

Video Clip        Lesson Plans

Mary McClung      5th Grade

Scale Drawing

Video Clip          Lesson Plan



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