School Effectiveness: The leadership, culture and organizational practices that are representative of high performing 21st century schools.

  • How does the principal ensure that the school maintains high expectations for everyone?
  • What is the principal's role in designing a clear mission and vision for student learning?



The West Virginia Department of Education has defined standards for principals that apply to culture as:

Standard VI - Manages Operations for Learning

Today’s principal manages the processes and systems of the school in order to assure efficiency and effectiveness in achieving 21st century outcomes for students.  The leader manages facilities, transportation, nutrition, technology and fiscal resources in ways that contribute to student personal welfare and 21st century learning.  Time is maximized and allocated in order to effectively benefit student and staff learning.  The effective recruiting of staff with proficiencies which enable them to meet diverse student needs and implement differentiate instruction accordingly is  also essential to the management of operations for learning. 



Complete the series of activities and reflections found in the correlates resource listed below:

Seven Correlates of Effective Schools



  • View Courageous Conversations PowerPoint
  • What was the most poignant section? 
  • How did it relate to your professional practices? 
  • What was the most important courageous conversation you have ever had?


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