Principals Institute 2007-2008
Summer Session

Rationale for Creating 21st Century Schools
The Power of the Organizational Culture

Day 2


Anticipatory Set for Organizational Urgency for Change
    Week #1
Paula Potter, High School Programmatic Staff
Leonard Bolton, High School Programmatic Staff
Pay Attention

    Week #2
Michelle Blatt, Elementary Programmatic Staff
Kevin Smith, High School Programmatic Staff
21st Century Leaders

Rationale for Change Why We Must Prepare Students for the 21st Century
    Dr. Yong Zhao
Michigan State University

Why We Must Prepare Students

Anticipatory Set for Organizational Culture
    Week #1
Jim Napolillo, Middle School Programmatic Staff
Woody Yoder, Middle School Programmatic Staff
Organizational Culture

    Week #2
Diana Burnside, Elementary Programmatic Staff
Shaping Your School Culture

Introduction to the Elements of Organizational Culture
    Dr. Kent Peterson
University of Wisconsin

Shaping Positive School Cultures for the 21st Century

Daily Evaluation: