West Virginia Institutes
for 21st Century Leadership

The first residency session of the 2008 West Virginia Institute for 21st Century Leadership convened at the Glade Springs Resort in Daniels, West Virginia July 15-20, and July 22-27, 2007. The Institute is composed of one hundred five principals. They were guided through the experience by programmatic leaders and critical friends who represented noted professors and researchers from higher education and a nationally known elementary principal.

The curriculum for the summer Institute centered on the Frameworks for High Performing Schools and Classrooms and the rationale for changing the structure of schooling in West Virginia. The rationale painted a picture of the global marketplace and the challenges of a “flattening world” in which the United States’ competitive superiority is being challenged. The Institute curriculum began with culture as the foundation of high performing schools. Each pillar of the frameworks - curriculum, instruction, effective schools research, and student support, received attention during the five day Institute. In the Instruction and Curriculum Pillars, 21st century elements were interwoven to fully articulate the change from 20th century instruction and curriculum to the elements of 21st content, context, core subjects, assessments, learning skills, and instructional tools.