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Performance Evaluation of School Personnel


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126-142-1 General.

126-142-2 Purpose.

126-142-3 Authorities.

126-142-4 Definitions.

126-142-5 Training.

126-142-6 Principles of Operation.

126-142-7 Rating Structure.

126-142-8 Educator Evaluation.

126-142-9 Plans to Support Improvement.

126-142-10 Evaluation Process for School Leaders.

126-142-11 School Leader Evaluation Standards.

126-142-12 Evaluation Process for Teachers.

126-142-13 Teacher Evaluation Standards and Elements.

126-142-14 Evaluation Process for School Counselors.

126-142-15 School Counselor Evaluation Standards and Elements.

126-142-16 Evaluation Process for Professional Support Personnel and Central Office Personnel.

126-142-17 Improvement Plan for Professional Support Personnel and Central Office Personnel.

126-142-18 Improvement Team for Professional Support Personnel and Central Office Personnel.

126-142-19 Professional Support Personnel Responsibilities.

126-142-20 Professional Support Personnel Performance Characteristics.

126-142-21 Evaluation Process for Athletic Coaches.

126-142-22 Improvement Plan for Athletic Coaches.

126-142-23 Improvement Team for Athletic Coaches.

126-142-24 Athletic Coaches' Responsibilities.

126-142-25 Athletic Coaches' Performance Criteria.

126-142-26 Severability.




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