[School-counselors] FW: Converting to new "searchable" school counselor database starting tomorrow.

Barb Ashcraft bashcraft at access.k12.wv.us
Tue Mar 26 13:38:07 EDT 2013

Good afternoon,


    I apologize if you are receiving this email twice.  We had multiple
listservs we are eliminating.  Some of you were more than one listserv so
the email below may be a duplicate for you.  Some of you may have been on
this list only and did not receive notice that we have converted to a new
list serv.  We are not longer using this database.  If you have not signed
up for our new listserv in the past couple months, then please register for
the new list serve.  If you have already received the email below and
clicked on the link to register, then you need to do nothing else at this
time.  If you have not, go to the link below and register if you wish to
continue receiving WVDE school counseling updates and conference





Counselors and Coordinators overseeing school counselors,


As we move forward with change here at WVDE and new technology becomes
available, we are converting to a more user-friendly system of updating our
databases to ensure. We want to ensure we have the most up-to-date, accurate
information for all counselors and the coordinators at each county office.
In the past, we have relied on county offices to provide counselor
information and from time-to time counselors will notify us when they are at
a new school. Frequent turnovers and the sheer business that results from
wearing so many hats have contributed to this not being the best way to
collect information. 


We need ALL school counselors and coordinators in charge of counselors to
click on this link: http://goo.gl/6S8pS and provide the information
requested, regardless of whether you are on the current list serv. This new
database will be searchable allowing us to identify counselors in specific
schools or RESAs and send targeted emails to specific groups, instead of to
everyone. The old one is not searchable. To ensure you receive information
about the upcoming spring school counselor workshops, the new school
counselor evaluation system, and any other information that supports your
role, please provide your information no later than Friday, February, 22. If
you are aware of counselors  or coordinators who did not receive this email,
please forward so they can add their information to the data base.


If you have any questions regarding this e-mail, please let me know. Thank
you and I hope you are having a great year!



Barb Ashcraft Brady, Ph.D.


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