[School-counselors] Bridgemont/Toyota ADvance Manufacturing Technical Program - URGENT Information for SENIORS

Barbara Ashcraft bashcraft at access.k12.wv.us
Thu Mar 29 12:41:05 EDT 2012


    The West Virginia Toyota Plant and Bridgemont Community College has
collaborated to create a new program called the Bridgemont/Toyota Advanced
Manufacturing Technical Program. Toyota and Bridgemont would like to enlist
your help in informing qualified high school seniors and recent graduates
about this great opportunity that allows students to combine manufacturing
work and school as a way to pay for and earn a degree.  While this is a
2-year associate degree program, this information should be shared with all
seniors who will be graduating in the top half of their class who have
technical/math/science inclinations who are interested in continuing their
education this fall and may be interested in later pursuing a 4-year degree.
Toyota and Bridgemont recognize that most students have made their
post-secondary plans for next fall, but want you to help identify students
who are still wavering with their decisions and may be a good fit for this
program.  Please announce as appropriate and if possible provide an
information brief to your seniors.


     Attached you will find a Counselor Factsheet that provides additional
details about the program. Additionally, Parent and Student Factsheets to
print and share along with a printable poster to display in your school are
attached.  While priority will be given to Project Lead the Way students,
consideration will be given to all applicants.  There is a very quick
turnaround for this first round of applicants who will be entering the
program in August 2012.  The deadline for applications is May 1, 2012.  For
additional information about this program and to assist your students with
the online application process, go to  www.bridgemont.edu/index.php/toyota. 


If you have trouble downloading the attachments, they may be downloaded
directly from the website


By replying to this email, you will communicate directly with
Toyota/Bridgemont representatives to receive further clarity about this


Thank you for sharing this important information with your students.



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