[School-counselors] FW: What if you had guidance assessment data for every student?

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Good afternoon,

    You may want to review this system. You might find this helpful in
meeting the Data Driven Accountability Standard for your new performance
standards.  Scott will be presenting on his "free" system at each Fall
School Counselor Preconference.  Familiarity with the system may prepare you
to ask questions that will help you customize it should you choose to use
his system.



From: Encouragement Services [mailto:scott at esi.cc] 
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Subject: What if you had guidance assessment data for every student?


Dear Colleague:


My name is Scott Gillie; I direct a small Indiana nonprofit called
Encouragement Services, Inc. We have developed a guidance assessment system
that we offer at no cost to schools and education support programs
throughout the country. Our guidance assessment is called the Universal
Encouragement Program.


Guidance assessment? Our system measures noncognitive factors associated
with school engagement, aspiration, college readiness, and career readiness.
We document students' experiences and their preferences for guidance
services. We make it possible for educators to view these factors for
individuals, groups, grade levels or an entire school or program. Our
reporting tools make it possible to view change over time or to compare
school or program results with state or national results.


To support this work, we have created a set of state or group-level tools
that enable a state or other grouping of schools or programs to customize
our assessments and to report state or group-level guidance needs, trends,
and impacts.


I hope that you will review the attached information and will share it with
colleagues who may have an interest. Find many links to more information on
page 2 of the attachment.


Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or would like
additional information.






Executive Director

Encouragement Services, Inc.

5931 West State Road 46

Bloomington, Indiana 47404

Tel: 812.876.5055 Fax: 812.876.5051

www.esi.cc <http://www.esi.cc/> 

scott at esi.cc


> UEP Group-level Guidance Data System

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