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Research shows that parental involvement in the education of children is a critical factor in improving academic achievement. The evidence is overwhelming that the more extensive parents are involved in their children's education, the higher the achievement, the better the behavior and the more successful the students are as adults. Here are some resources and tools you can use at home to help your child with the more rigorous schoolwork required in the 21st century classroom. This West Virginia Department of Education site provides multiple math resources for grades pre-K through 12. This site includes games and other learning activities you can do with your child. Resources are grade specific in various subjects, including arts, economics, geography, history, literature, math, reading and language arts, science and social studies. Writing Roadmap can be used to help students prepare for the WESTEST2 Online Writing test. The site allows students to practice writing essays on a variety of prompts. This site allows parents to build custom reading lists based on their childís reading ability and favorite subjects using Lexile scores. A Lexile score links a studentís WESTEST2 reading/language arts score to reading level. This site includes games, activities, videos and stories about animals, people and places from around the globe. This site provides resources that can be used to motivate children and help them with homework in multiple subjects. This site provides tips and links to, which includes educational games and videos. This site allows students in grades 3-5 to experience contemporary science and technology through online and offline interactive programs and experiments.