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What does parent involvement mean and why is it so important to my child's success?

What do I do if my child gets in trouble or feels he or she is in danger while at school or on a school function? How do I keep my child safe?

Do we need a computer? What about software? What about the internet? How do I keep my kids "safe while surfing"?

My child is growing up and changing so fast, how do I know what to expect next?

What should I know about my child's social needs?

Let's Move WV

Office of Child Nutrition

I want the best for my special needs child, what resources are available?

How do I help my child with...

Father and Son

Where can I get information about all of the social studies programs in West Virginia?

Where can I go for information on the West Virginia Golden Horseshoe program?

What are some tips to help me survive homework?

How can I view my child's school enrollment or other data?

I heard that West Virginia has high standards in assessment and accountability practices. How can I learn more?

Where can I look online for information about family health and nutrition?