Blind / Visually Impaired Special Education


The INSITE/VIISA program  is a home-based program for the families of visually impaired and visually impaired-multihandicapped  infants and young children between the ages of birth and five years.  This service is provided by the West Virginia Schools for the Blind for all residents of West Virginia. 

The goal of West Virginia INSITE/VIISA is to identify these children at an early age and provide a complete home/community program that will facilitate development.

If your child meets the criteria for enrollment into the program, a Parent Advisor will visit your home for an hour each week.  The Parent Advisor will assist the parents in learning how to help your child develop to his/her fullest potential.

If you would like to make a referral, please fill out a INSITE/VIISA referral form and return to Dan Oates.


Dan Oates
INSITE Program
W. Va. School for the Blind
Outreach Services
301 E. Main St.
Romney, WV  26757
304-822-4898 (FAX)
304-851-5680 (cell)