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Recognizing that CVI is the leading cause of visual impairment among children and cognizant of the need for highly qualified interventionists, four state deaf-blind projects embarked on a ten-year collaboration known as the “Cortical Visual Impairment Community of Practice”. The Deaf-Blind Projects from Delaware, Maryland, Vermont, and West Virginia developed and implemented an innovative and successful professional development program which trained an interdisciplinary team of “CVI Mentors” from each state in screening, assessment, program planning and intervention There are four CVI Mentors in West Virginia. These mentors are among the nation’s first professionals to undergo training of this depth and magnitude in this specialty area. Each has received certification of completion of the entire training program and has successfully mastered CVI competencies established in the program. This was followed by training additional “CVI Partners” to also assist in their states.

This website has been created by West Virginia’s CVI Mentors to help service providers and families gain more information about CVI. Videos of previous trainings, interviews with students are included. You can test your knowledge of CVI to see if you are ready to do assessments yourself!

Photo of Kamya CVI - Special Topics

Dr. Christine Roman-Lantzy presents 18 webcasts on special topics related to Cortical Visual Impairment. Each is approximately 30 minutes in length.

Photo of Hayley CVI-A Basic Understanding

Kathy Quesenberry presents a training on Overview and Characteristics of CVI followed by interviews with Dr. Alan Lantzy, a neonatologist and Dr. Terry Schwartz, a pediatric ophthalmologist. 

Hannah CVI Assessment

Watch Jamie McBride interview a parent. Read an article with tips for interviewing parents and access interview forms.  View an assessment of a child and see the completed CVI Range. 

question clipart Are You Ready? Test your Knowledge and Skills

Take a quiz to determine your level of understanding.  Then watch and score two assessments.  Compare your results with CVI Mentor scoring. 

Townsend Phase III: CVI, What do I do Now?

View videos of training by Kathy Quesenberry with slide presentations.

Dustin Personal Perspective

Watch interviews of students with CVI, family members, and teacher of the visually impaired. 

These programs in West Virginia have been funded by WVDE SenseAbilities Project, The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation and WV Birth to Three.

Other Resources

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Guidelines for Modifying Books for Students in Phases I, II, III

AAC Systems for Students with CVI and Multiple Disabilities

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