Literacy Assessment

Sample Assessment Tools

This chart, Sample Assessment Tools, compiled by Dr. Caroline Musselwhite, contains information regarding a variety of assessment tools that can be used to assess the literacy/reading progress of a student with a significant disability. One or more of these tools can be used in addition to assessment tools used by districts. These tools do not take the place of other assessments required by districts such as the DIBELS (Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills).

Assessment Process for Literacy

The Assessment Flow Chart provides an illustration of the process to follow if standard literacy/reading tests and materials used to assess every student (e.g., DIBELS, developmental spelling tests) are not providing sufficient information about the progress/strengths/needs of a student with a significant disabilities.

Literacy Rubric

The Literacy Rubric by Kathy Staugler can be used to conduct informal literacy assessment of of a student with a significant disability. The rubric addresses the five components of reading instruction across the three levels of literacy engagement: Early Emerging Literacy, Transitional Emerging Literacy and Early Conventional Literary.