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Special Education
Special Education
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WV SenseAbilities is offering a series of webcasts to meet the needs of people who work with children with sensory impairments. Each webcast offers a certificate of participation after completion of the evaluation. SenseAbilities logo Serving children with combined vision and hearing loss

WV SenseAbilities

Early Identification - 23 minutes

WV e-folio - 12 minutes

WV Sense Abilities Project Overview - 19 minutes


Calendars - 32 minutes

Conversation Bags and Boxes 11 minutes

How Do I Begin - 14 minutes

Routines - 16 minutes

Where Do I Begin? - 23 minutes

Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Daily Listening & Hearing Checks - 10 minutes

Role of the Deaf Educator - 60 minutes

Blind and Low Vision

BOEHM-3 Test of Basic Concepts - Trina Britcher - 5 minutes

CVI Special Topics

I-A-ABLE Functional Approach to Braille Literacy - Trina Britcher - 4 minutes

New Materials from Getting in Touch with Literacy Conference - Trina Britcher - 3 minutes

Student Portfolios and Project Based Learning - Trina Britcher - 4 minutes

Tactile Overlays - Trina Britcher - 3 minutes

Up to Speed with UEB Trina Britcher - 3 minutes

Curriculum and IEPs

Essential Elements - Jill Mowery - 11 minutes

Teaching Verbs - Jill Mowery & Priscilla Epperly - 5 minutes

The COACH Process, Choosing Outcomes and Accommodations for Children - 8 minutes

Social Studies for Christopher - Jill Mowery - 8 minutes

Summer Enrichment Activity Bags - 7 minutes

Additional Learning Opportunities

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