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Special Education
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WV SenseAbilities is offering a series of webcasts to meet the needs of people who work with children with sensory impairments. These will be 30 to 60 minutes in length on various topics. Each webcast offers a certificate of participation after completion of the evaluation. SenseAbilities logo Serving children with combined vision and hearing loss

WV SenseAbilities

WV Sense Abilities Project Overview - 19 minutes

WV e-folio - 12 minutes

Early Identification - 23 minutes


Where Do I Begin? - 23 minutes

How Do I Begin - 14 minutes

Calendars - 32 minutes

Routines - 16 minutes

Conversation Bags and Boxes 11 Minutes

Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Role of the Deaf Educator - 60 minutes

Daily Listening & Hearing Checks - 10 minutes

Blind and Low Vision

CVI Special Topics

Curriculum and IEPs

Essential Elements - Jill Mowery - 11 Minutes

Social Studies for Christopher - Jill Mowery - 8 Minutes

Summer Enrichment Activity Bags - 7 Minutes

The COACH Process, Choosing Outcomes and Accomodations for Children - 8 Minutes

Teaching Verbs - Jill Mowery & Priscilla Epperly - 5 minutes

Additional Learning Opportunities

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