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    Technology offers "great flexibility in learning" (Bonk, 2010). Many opportunities are now available for students, especially in rural settings, to access online courses, communicate with other students, and research online resources. Utilizing technology in teaching also provides new ways to engage students in learning in the classroom.

     The demonstration of skills in technology is an important component of gifted education. Using technology in instruction provides opportunities for differentiating content, process, product and learning environment.


* Thinkfinity (No cost)
* SAS in Schools (Registration required - No cost to WV teachers)
* TechSteps - WV (Registration required - No cost to WV teachers)
* Intel Thinking Tools (Registration required)
* Renzulli Learning Systems (Costs involved)
* Google Earth (Requires a download)
* Fact Monster
* WV Gifted Education
* Learn 21 - WV Dept. of Education
* WV Virtual School

Process & Products:

* Photo Editing (PhotoStory 3 Requires a download)
* Voice Threads
* Digital Photography & Photo Editing (Picasa, PhotoShop)
* Video Creation (Microsoft Movie Maker-free-comes standard on most PC computers, Apple iMovie, Animoto, Vimeo)
* Podcasting (Audacity, Vocaroo)
* Survey Creation (Survey Monkey, Google Docs-forms)
* Collaboration Tools (Skype, Google Docs, Zoho, Twiddla, ePals, Edublogs)
* Wordle
* Wikis - Wikispaces, PBworks

     Technology can be used to:

     For a list of resources, visit Portaportal.com Guest Access:   vmohnack.

     Capitalize on the Motivational Effects of Technology. See Edutopia's blog on the article: If Technology Motivates, Let's Use It!


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WVDE Office of Technology

Kathy Schrocks Guide for Educators

International Society for Technology in Education


NAGC Pre-K--Grade 12 Gifted Program Standards