West Virginia Code 18-2E-3b, Placement advisory committee established
Gifted students in grades nine through twelve may be serviced in honors and advanced placement programs as described in section three of this article, pursuant to the student's individualized education program and set forth in the student's four year education plan. Prior to the end of grade eight, a placement advisory committee shall convene for the purpose of determining whether a student should be placed in a honors or advanced placement (AP) program pursuant to the placement criteria set forth in section three-a of this article. Upon a determination that placement in one of the programs would be appropriate, the placement advisory committee shall write a four year education plan which will designate honors or advanced placement courses and/or offerings appropriate and agreed to by the school, parent and student.

For an eligible gifted student, a four-year education plan is developed during the 8th grade year by an IEP Team.  The four-year plan replaces the PEP and includes the honors, College Board Advanced Placement® (hereinafter AP®), Advanced Careers (hereinafter AC) and/or International Baccalaureate (hereinafter IB) classes that must be provided for the student in grades 9-12.
The four year education plan must be reviewed annually and approved by the parent, student and school. Schools shall be required to deliver the individualized education program as stated in the four year education plan. (1989, c.55.)

* Four-Year Education Plan (Word) Updated April 2016

* Four-Year Education Plan (PDF) Updated April 2016

County boards of education must ensure that students have access to at least four College Board AP courses annually (at least one from the core content areas of English language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies). Access to AP courses may also be attained via West Virginia Virtual School AP courses.  WVBE Policies 2515 and 2510 requires county board of education to issue weighted grades for AP, Advanced Career, or International Baccalaureate courses for which high school credit is to be awarded.

Students may amend his or her Four-Year Education Plan at the end of any semester as long as it does not interfere with the completion of graduation requirements based on availability. Each year when the Four-Year Education Plan is reviewed, the student, parent and/or guardian will sign and receive a copy.