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  February 24, 2010


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Program requirements

Individualized Education Programs (IEPs)
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Studentís Full Name __Betsy Doe Smith____________

Date _4/7/2010


The IEP team considers for all students:

* The strengths of the student
* The concerns of the parent
* Results of the initial or most recent evaluation of the student. Are additional evaluations needed? (specify) None needed at this time
* Academic, developmental and functional needs of the student
* Revisions needed to address lack of progress

     Additional Considerations (must be documented in Part IV Present Levels




Is the student identified as gifted?

If yes, consider whether acceleration will be provided and document its effect on graduation.



     According to WV State Code, the IEP Team must consider acceleration for students identified as gifted. The Team may decide that acceleration is not appropriate for the student, but the Team must document their consideration of acceleration in the Present Levels of Academic Achievement section of the IEP. For example; "At this time, the data does not indicate the need for acceleration to the next grade level in reading/language arts, science and social studies."

      If the Team decides that acceleration to an above grade level course or class is appropriate, there must be evidence that the student has already mastered grade level WV content standards and objectives. The assessment must be included in the benchmark or formative data. For example; "The student will benefit from acceleration in the math curriculum to 7th grade math as she has mastered 6th grade math according to the results of a custom-made 6th-grade math test using Acuity. This acceleration will have no effect on high school graduation at this time."



Additional Resources

Teach IEP Click on Part IV - Considerations.

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