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  December 18, 2009


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From the West Virginia Department of Education
Revisions in Policy 2419

     The previous language in Policy 2419 referred to the greater score between the verbal-performance scores. The new language is in keeping with the modern language of revised tests of intellectual ability.

     Revised language: "If the student's general intellectual ability score is unduly affected by performance in one or more composite scores, the evaluator may use, for purposes of eligibility, an alternate general ability index or an individual composite measure as permitted in the test manual or other technical reports."

     The second change affecting gifted education is to strengthen the requirement that is already in Policy 2510 for a Four-Year Education Plan that replaces the Individualized Student Transition Plan (ISTP).

     Revised language: "The four-year education plan replaces the Individualized Student Transition Plan (ISTP) and includes honors, Advanced Placement (AP) and/or International Baccalaureate (IB) classes that must be provided for the student in grades 9-12. The implementation and annual review of this plan are required of the district. The review team must include the student, parent and school representative."



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