YOU SHOULD HAVE YOUR PARENTS' PERMISSION TO BE ON THE WEB! Your school has a filter that takes out inappropriate sites. You may not have this filter at home. All of the activities below are at safe sites.

* Astronomy For Kids

* Brain Boosters

* Brain Pop - "Free Stuff"

* Brain Quest

* Build a Bridge

* Chemistry Activities

* Create a Comic Strip

* Create a Graph

* Create a Timeline with Timeglider

* Design a House

* Google Building Maker

* Design and Ride a Roller Coaster - 1
* Design a Roller Coaster - 2

* Fact Monster
Online Almanac, Dictionary, Encyclopedia, and Homework Help

* Geometry and Number Patterns
* Tesselating Tiles

* Math Stars Newsletter - Math beyond the classroom

* Play Krypto online

* Typing Games for Kids

NEWS BOWL - America's #1 News Quiz Online Resources for Schools
Quiz Show logo
* Probability - Random Drawing
Illuminations logo
* Tikatok - A place for kids to publish their stories TikaTok logo