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Students with a medical diagnosis of autism are not automatically eligible for special education. If a student has been made eligible by another district and is still struggling despite the support they are receiving at the CORE level they will be referred to the problem-solving team. More intense support, which may include eligibility for a Section 504 Plan, will be considered. If the student’s progress continues to not meet reasonable expectations through additional levels of support, eligibility for special education services may need to be considered. Throughout the decision-making process, it will be important to recognize that autism is a spectrum disorder with varying levels of involvement. Some of the students with this medical diagnosis may fall under the considerations for those in the low incidence population. Eligibility for special education will require assessments that focus particular attention on a student’s learning strengths in receptive and expressive language; supporting instruction that is offered in compatible presentation modes. The eligibility committee will review the eligibility checklist utilizing data that has been collected.

Diana Whitlock
Autism Coordinator
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