Individualized Education Plan


The IEP is a product of collaboration between a parent or adult student and educators who, through full and equal participation, identify the unique needs of a student with a disability or giftedness and plan the special education and related services to meet those needs.  It sets forth in writing a commitment of resources necessary to enable the student to receive needed special education and related services. In addition, the IEP is a management tool that is used to ensure that each eligible student is provided special education and related services appropriate to the student’s special learning needs. It serves as an evaluation device for use in determining the extent of the student’s progress toward meeting the projected outcomes.  The IEP is a compliance/monitoring document that may be used by authorized monitoring personnel from each governmental level to determine whether an eligible student is actually receiving the free appropriate public education agreed to by the parents and the school.  

Policy 2419

Diana Whitlock
Autism Coordinator
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