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Subject: Letter of Clarification FY02-05











                                                                                                November 6, 2001





Ms. Pat Homberg                                                                                  

Putnam County Schools                                                                     Letter of Clarification:  FY02-05

9 Courthouse Drive                                                                         Issue:  Request to Team-Teach

Winfield, West Virginia 25213


Dear Ms. Homberg:


            This letter is in response to your September 19, 2001 letter regarding a request to team-teach an Applied Math II class at Poca High School.  Your question and the Office of Special Educationís (OSE) response are as follows:


Question 1:        Can two teachers with seven students each team-teach two Applied Math II classes?  The classes are scheduled for the resource room in the same block.




            Based upon the information provided, the (OSE) does not take issue with team-teaching as an instructional method.  Regulations do stipulate that teachers providing content courses have certification in the areas in which they are delivering content.  Additionally, it is the responsibility of the special education teacher to meet the goals and objectives of each studentís individualized education program (IEP). 


            County school systems cannot use team-teaching to avoid providing classrooms for each teacher that are adequate and comparable to classrooms for non-disabled peers.  In addition, Putnam County schools must also meet the caseload requirements for each special education teacher.  These requirements are addressed in Policy 2419:  Regulations for the Education of Exceptional Students.


            If you have any questions regarding this information please contact Kay Johnston, Coordinator, or me at (304) 558-2696 (V/TDD).






                                                                                                Dee Bodkins, Ed.D.


                                                                                                Office of Special Education