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"This entry plan is designed to guide our actions. I am committed to taking student achievement to a much higher level by increasing opportunities, increasing rigor and, with a one voice focus, providing a fierce level of urgency 'of now' for the educational priorities for all of our young people. I firmly believe that our best days are yet to come as we advance and implement our One Voice, One Focus: All Students Achieving vision plan."

~ Michael Martirano

One Voice. One Focus.
All Students Achieving.

All children can and will learn is the core value behind West Virginia Superintendent of Schools Michael Martirano's entry and vision plan. The plan titled One Voice, One Focus: All Students Achieving - Creating a World-class Educational System for the State of West Virginia includes six distinct goals and ten priorities.

Priorities include creating a robust listening and learning communication opportunity; establishing an organizational structure for the West Virginia Department of Education (WVDE); ensuring that resources are aligned to the vision plan's goals and priorities; convening a key advisory group of educational leaders; ensuring that teaching and learning is designed and aligned to produce more high school graduates; and, delineating a clear and focused set of 10 World-class Educational System Priorities.

The 10 World-class Educational System Priorities include opportunities such as closing achievement gaps among student groups and increasing graduation rates, developing extensive and meaningful parent and community relationships, and establishing safe learning environments.

To view the full plan click here.

To view a plan summary click here.

One Voice Tour

Dr. Martirano is committed to visiting every county and/or county school system in West Virginia. He says talking to teachers and students is the best part of his job. The tour gives him the chance to experience what is going on in our schools and to see firsthand how our students are being prepared to be college and career ready.