2011 Office of Institutional Education Programs
Adult Teacher of the Year

Donna Morgan


2011 Office of Institutional Education Programs
CEA Region II Teacher of the Year

Shawn Rubenstein

Shawn Rubenstein is a 1996 graduate of Grafton High School in Grafton, WV.  He graduated from WVU in 2001 with a BA in history and went on to attend graduate school at Marshall University where he obtained an MA in school counseling in 2003.  He started his career in corrections at the Mt. Olive Correctional Complex as a Counselor in March 2004 on the Quilliams II unit.  In March 2005, Shawn began his employment with OIEP as a transitions skills instructor at the St. Marys Correctional Center, where he taught 99 Days and a Get Up.  In September 2005, Shawn transferred to the Pruntytown Correctional Center as a transitions skills instructor, where he currently teaches 99 Days and a Get Up, Thinking for a Change, Parenting, College 101, and computer skills.  With guidance from Shawn, inmates are now pursuing degrees in technical fields, associates degrees, and 4 year college degrees.  Shawn has the ability to empower inmates through treating them fairly, with respect, and dignity.  Through using real life scenarios in his classes, he is teaching inmates how to lead more adjusted, productive lives while instilling a sense of accomplishment in anyone who takes his classes.  Shawn resides in Grafton with his wife, Cindy, and their two children, seven year old Elias and four year old Violet.


2011 Office of Institutional Education Programs
Juvenile Teacher of the Year
Debbie Mobley

Hi everyone! Being chosen West Virginia OIEP Teacher of the Year has been quite an honor. I’m proud to say that my entire professional teaching career has been at Barboursville School, a level four residential treatment center for youth. I can’t imagine working anywhere else. Throughout the years, I have taught Special Education, Health, Physical Education, Learning Skills, Experiential Learning (Barboursville School Adventures) and a cognitive restructuring class, called ACTS. In addition to my classroom responsibilities, I have been a leader in promoting effective teaching using Learning Focused Strategies, during the annual OIEP conferences. I’m also a member of the OIEP staff development committee. I graduated from Marshall University with a BA in Health and Physical education and later received a master’s degree in Special Education. I reside in Poca, WV. with my husband and 2 children.


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