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WV Writes is the customized version of Writing Roadmap 2.0 made specifically for West Virginia that provides formative writing assessments designed to inform teaching and improve student learning.  The colorful, user-friendly interface is a web-based platform that provides schools with writing assessment, feedback, scoring and reporting.

WV Writes is an online formative writing assessment program that is designed to assess students’ writing progress over the course of the school year.  Using a West Virginia scoring engine that was trained using sample West Virginia student papers from the WESTEST 2 Online Writing Field Test, scoring in WV Writes is aligned to the WV writing rubrics that assess organization, development, sentence structure, word choice/grammar usage and mechanics. Student essay scoring in WV Writes is based on the grade-level appropriate writing rubric. 

WV Writes provides passages and prompts that assess the writing modes of narrative, descriptive, informative, and persuasive.  There are 34 passages and prompts from the 2008 WESTEST 2 Online Writing Field Test and 162 grade-level shelf prompts for students that can be accessed and assigned by teachers, school administrators, and county administrators.  Teachers may also create their own passages and prompts.  Students in West Virginia public schools from grades 2-11 have unlimited access to practice sessions.  WV Writes gives students immediate scores and narrative feedback regarding their writing abilities.     

WV Writes allows educators to target instruction in writing by providing important data on student performance relative to the WV writing rubric areas of organization, development, sentence structure, word choice/grammar usage, and mechanics. Teachers have access to the student results immediately after students complete a writing assessment, and students can be given the opportunity to revise and resubmit their essays as they progress through the stages of the writing process.  WV Writes reports are available on the district, school, classroom, and student level.

How do I access WV Writes?

County and School Administrator login URL:
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For more information contact Stacey Murrell, Coordinator for WV Writes, at (304) 558-2546 or
Additional WV Writes resources can be located in the WV Writes portion of the File Cabinet.

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WV Writes Teacher Scoring Concerns

Here is the WV Writes Teacher Scoring Concerns page for teachers to access, if they have concerns about WV Writes scores.