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WESTEST 2 Online Writing Overview

The WESTEST 2 Online Writing is a criterion-referenced test designed to assess student writing in grades 3-11. On a secure Web site, students use word processing to enter their responses to assigned passages and accompanying prompts based on the following genres of writing: descriptive, narrative, informative and persuasive. These passages and prompts emphasize 21st century skills, including real world applications, critical thinking and problem solving. Students do not have to have specific content or technical knowledge to address the topic.

Students are encouraged to use the five-step writing process to complete their responses for scoring. Although students may handwrite a rough draft, their final response must be submitted electronically. Student responses are computer scored, using the West Virginia Writing Rubrics. A score of 1 to 6 is assigned in the analytic traits of Organization, Development, Sentence Structure, Word Choice/Grammar Usage and Mechanics.

Students do not receive individual score reports for WESTEST 2 Online Writing. Instead, students’ Online Writing scores are included with their overall scores on the reading/language arts portion of WESTEST 2 and will be provided on individual student reports generated according to the requirements of the West Virginia Department of Education.

To help prepare students for WESTEST 2 Online Writing, WVDE offers West Virginia Writes a Web-based tool which provides students with the opportunity for unlimited practice sessions for writing essays on a variety of prompts.

For more information contact Dr. Vaughn G. Rhudy, WESTEST 2/ RLA and Online Writing Assessment Coordinator, at 304-558-2546 Extension 53205