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WESTEST 2 Online Writing Video Scenarios

The video scenarios and the accompanying worksheets posted here have been created as a training resource for you.  They can be used when training all personnel involved in the administration of the 2010 WESTEST 2 Online Writing. 

The scenarios presented in the video are based on actual situations that have occurred during past administrations of WESTEST 2 Online Writing. The purpose of the scenarios is to help principals/building level coordinators and examiners identify and understand improper test administration practices and possible policy violations that could lead to a variety of punitive actions, including the possible loss of individual teaching licenses and/or possible invalidation of student assessment results.

It is recommended that at the conclusion of each video segment, trainers and trainees discuss both sound testing practices and testing practices in violation of Policy 2340 and identify ways to prevent testing breaches and security violations.

On the accompanying scenario worksheets, trainees should do the following:

  • Document any security or testing violations in the first column.
  • Record the appropriate page number of the WESTEST 2 Online Writing Administration Manual which refers to this practice in the second column.
  • Reference the section of Policy 2340 that addresses the practice in the third column.
  • Identify the professional responsible for this practice (e.g. county test coordinator, principal/building level coordinator/examiner, other, etc.) and the actions that could happen as a result of the practice.

If you have any questions regarding the video scenarios, please contact Dr. Vaughn G. Rhudy, WESTEST 2 RLA/Online Writing Coordinator, at 304-558-2546 or vrhudy@access.k12.wv.us.

NOTE: All participants involved have granted permission for the videos to be used for training.