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Evidence of Validity and Reliablity

The Technical Report for an assessment serves to describe the current administration of the assessment.  This Technical Document describes the administration of WESTEST 2 in relation to the importance, reliability, and validity of the assessment as part of the West Virginia Measures of Academic Progress. 

According to Standard 3.6 of the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing (AERA, APA, and NCME, 1999), the type of items, the response formats, scoring procedures, and test administration procedures should be selected based on the purposes of the test, the domain to be measured, and the intended test takers.  To the extent possible, test content should be chosen to ensure that intended inferences from test scores are equally valid for members of different groups of test takers.  The test review process should include empirical analyses and, when appropriate, the use of expert judges to review items and response formats. 

This report provides evidence towards a variety of Critical Elements (CE) as part of the guidance for Peer Review.  The bulk of this document covers evidence in Section 4 – Technical Quality, CEs 4.1 (validity), 4.2 (reliability), and 4.5 (administration, scoring, analysis and reporting).