Content Review Committee

The Content Review Committee for WESTEST 2 was comprised of approximately five (5) educators for each programmatic level per each content area.  These educators were also representative of each of the eight Regional Education Service Agencies (RESAs).  The five participants included content area; Mathematics, Reading/Language Arts, Science and Social Studies, teachers (grades 3-11), higher education participants, special education educators, and West Virginia Department of Education content specialists.  Content specialists from CTB and WestEd directed the review for each programmatic level.  Every test item was checked for CSO alignment, content area accuracy, DOK alignment and age/grade level appropriateness.  Passages around which items were developed were checked for length, grade level readability, interest level, and  content area/age level appropriateness  Documents attached to items were checked for length and grade level readability, and  content area/age level appropriateness.  Items, passages and documents were accepted, edited or discarded based on the above parameters.