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TestMate Clarity

This flexible data storage and custom reporting software solution allows our educators to produce reports on WESTEST. These reports can be utilized for local and county accountability studies or to meet longitudinal tracking requirements. Allowing us to manage test data more effectively and enhance your overall understanding of test results.

The addition of the Multiple Measures module in 2005 allows us to link or merge test administrations for longitudinal tracking or analysis. We can create reports that combine measures for multiple assessments or different tests, including performance and norm-referenced assessments.

TestMate Clarity is accompanied by the following report formats:

  • Student Item Report
  • Student Subtest and Objective Report
  • Group Item Report
  • Group Mastery Report
  • Subtest List Report
  • Summary Item Report
  • Summary Objective Report
  • Summary Subtest Report

Benefit for Us:

  • Quickly accessing and using school and district data
  • Analyzing results and reporting on specific test subpopulations
  • Creating reports with exactly the data you need
  • Receiving full support of single-site and district-wide installation

TestMate Clarity Hardware Recommendations

  • Pentium II processor
  • 128MB RAM
  • Mouse or other pointing device
  • Hard drive or access to a Novell 4.X or Windows NT server
  • Any printer supported by Windows (laser or ink-jet)


Document Name Type Date Posted
Sample Testmate Clarity Database ZIP August 2007
TestMate Clarity 2006 Training Manual (REVISED) PDF October 2006
TestMate Clarity 2006 Training PowerPoint PDF September 2006
TestMate Clarity 2005 Training Packet PDF October 2005
TestMate Clarity 2004 Training Packet PDF October 2005
Logging In Web Video 2011
Run a Report Web Video 2011
Defining a Groups Web Video 2011
Changing Score Options Web Video 2011
Longitudial Reports Web Video 2011
Reset Users We Video 2011