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EXPLORE® is designed to help eighth-graders explore a broad range of options for their future. Assessment results assist students/ parents/educators in decision-making about educational career plans, interests and high school course work plans. The test covers four content areas: English, mathematics, reading, and science reasoning. The composite score is the average of the scale scores from the four areas.  Sample questions may be found on the ACT EXPLORE website.

The parent/guardian will receive a student report that indicates levels of performance in each of the content areas.  Student performance is a comparison to the performance of the national sample population of students.  In addition, information about the student’s educational career plans, interests, high school course work plans and self-identified needs for assistance is gathered and reported.

West Virginia EXPLORE trend data is provided by county and subgroup beginning with 2000 and by school beginning in 2009.  English, mathematics, reading, science and composite mean scale scores are provided.

EXPLORE® provides eighth grade students with an early indication of the educational progress in the context of the post-high school educational plans and career options they are considering. The results from EXPLORE® can be used to help students select courses that will prepare them for what they want to do during and after high school.  West Virginia Board of Education Policy 2510: Assuring the Quality of Education - Regulations for Education Programs requires that students participate in career awareness and exploration activities. EXPLORE® results can be used by eighth graders to develop their individual transition plans for grades nine and ten.

For more information on EXPLORE®, contact Dr. Beth Cipoletti.