The West Virginia Board of Education Refines Its Future Goals

June 11, 2004

Charleston, W.Va. - The West Virginia Board of Education accepted refined strategic goals for the state educational system during its June meeting.  

The strategic goals include:  

1. All students shall master or exceed grade level educational standards.  

2. All students shall receive a seamless pre-kindergarten through twenty curriculum designed and delivered with broad stakeholder involvement to promote lifelong learning.  

3. All students and school personnel shall develop and promote responsibility, citizenship, strong character and healthful living.  

4. All students shall be educated in school systems that operate and deliver services efficiently and effectively.  

5. All students shall be educated by highly qualified personnel.  

The Board will review progress toward completion of its goals on a quarterly basis using set benchmarks including an increase in:  

· the percentage of students in each subgroup who score at or above mastery · the number students who achieve mastery or beyond on the writing assessment · the approval of pre-K comprehensive plans · the number of students in Advance Placement classes · the number of students completing college credit courses · the number of students attending college · the number of adults receiving literacy and job training · health promotion initiatives · distance learning courses · participants in online professional development · the number of classes taught by highly-qualified teachers · the number of National Board Certified Teachers and teachers with advanced degrees in subject field  

The Board’s mission and strategic goals were developed through a yearlong process. Board members Paul Morris, Lowell Johnson and Priscilla Haden chaired the sub-committee which included broad stakeholder involvement. The sub-committee developed evidence for measuring progress in achieving each goal. Next, the group established objectives to achieve the goals, and finally, the committee developed a strategic plan outlining timelines, activities, and responsibilities.  

The Board of Education is committed to improving the educational proficiency of all students in West Virginia. These goals operationalize the Board’s legal authority to establish policies and rules, to ensure general supervision, and to provide general oversight and monitoring of a thorough and efficient educational system.  

The State Board met in Hampshire County at the Schools for the Deaf and the Blind for its monthly meeting on June 10, 2004.  

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