Disability Caucus to Focus on Citizenship and Government

May 04, 2004

Charleston, W.Va. - Adolescents and young adults have the opportunity to bone up on their citizenship and governmental skills this summer. Students and young adults from ages 16-22, along with family members and friends, are invited to participate in 2004 Disability Caucus that is scheduled from July 18-20, 2004, at the Charleston Marriott.  

The caucus provides an opportunity for learning about grassroots organizing, advocacy and citizenship skills for individuals with disabilities. This year’s caucus will be structured as a “mock legislature” with participants assigned to various roles in the legislative process. After developing legislation, participants will put their bills through the legislative process.  

Registration deadline is June 18, 2004. Stipends are available if application and fee ($5.00) is made by the registration deadline.  

For more information about the caucus, contact Ann Meadows, Executive Director for the Statewide Independently Living Council, at (304) 766-4624, or by email at ann.meadows@wvsilc.org, or Karen Ruddle, Coordinator of Adolescent Education, West Virginia Department of Education, Office of Special Education at (304) 558-2696, or by email kruddle@access.k12.wv.us.

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