WV State Board of Education to Meet in Charleston

August 02, 2002

The State Board will meet for a work session beginning at 2:30 p.m., Wednesday, August 7, in the Board Conference Room, Capitol Building 6, Room 353, 1900 Kanawha Boulevard East, Charleston, WV. Agenda items for the work session are: Development of an Accountability System and Policy 3233 - Resolution of Establishment for Regional Education Service Agencies.  

The State Board will meet in regular session beginning at 8:30 a.m., on Thursday, August 8, at the same location. President J.D. Morris will preside.  


8:30 a.m. CALL TO ORDER  



OFFICE OF EDUCATION PERFORMANCE AUDITS (OEPA) • Accreditation Status Based on the Education Performance Audit of the Wetzel County School System • Student Achievement, Performance Measure 4.1 Stanford Achievement Test 9 • Recommendations for Professional Development Based on Education Performance Audits and Annual Performance Measures • The 2002 Annual Report of the Office of Education Performance Audits • Strategic Plan FY2002-03  


CONSENT AGENDA ITEMS ∙ Approval of Minutes ∙ Routine Business Kanawha County Comprehensive Educational Facilities Plan Preston County Comprehensive Educational Facilities Plan County Boards of Education, RESAs, and Multi-County Vocational Centers Budget Supplement and Transfer Requests for the 2002-03 Year Policy 4355 High School Diplomas for Veterans Personnel ∙ New Business ∙ Waivers of State Board of Education Policies and Regulations, Superintendent’s Interpretations and State Statues and Legislative Rules ∙ Waiver of Principal Leadership Academy Attendance ∙ Athletic Trainer Waivers ∙ 2003 State Administrative Expenses (SAE) Plan for Child Nutrition ∙ Request from Hampshire County Board of Education to renew a one-year lease for property owned by the West Virginia Board of Education  

REPORTS ∙ Board Member Reports ∙ The West Virginia EDGE ∙ SAT-9 Test Results ∙ Progress Report - Seriously Impaired and Low Performing Schools ∙ Uniform Grading Policy ∙ Annual Report/Tabloid  

OLD BUSINESS ∙ Response to the West Virginia Advisory Council for the Education of Exceptional Children 2002 Annual Report ∙ Policy 2450 - Distance Learning and the West Virginia Virtual School ∙ Policy 5310 - Performance Evaluation of School Personnel ∙ Policy 4320 - Policies of Operation Manual Child Nutrition Programs  

NEW BUSINESS ∙ Policy 2425 - Anti-Hazing ∙ Policy 3233 - Resolution of Establishment for Regional Educational Service Agencies ∙ Policy 2422.2 - Driver Education ∙ American Character Week ∙ Improvement Consultant Team Recommendations for Seriously Impaired Schools