Stanford Scores Continue to Show Improvement

July 05, 1999

For the third consecutive year, West Virginia students continued to show strong improvement in basic skills on the Stanford Achievement Test, announced State Superintendent Dr. Henry Marockie.  

When compared with 1998 statewide scores, fifth graders made the greatest gains by registering a two-percentile point improvement. Every other grade increased by one percentile point with the exception of grade six which remained stable with the highest percentile score. The Stanford Achievement Test, Ninth Edition tests grades three through eleven.  

Statewide results show that 48 of the state's 55 county school districts, or 87%, scored at or above the 50th percentile in total basic skills.  

Four counties had only one grade level below the 50th percentile, and three counties had just two grade levels below the 50th percentile.  

"We are very encouraged by the continued improvement across the state in basic skills scores," said State Superintendent Dr. Marockie. "The scores not only allow us to gauge academic performance, but also give educators valuable data to help tailor instruction to meet student needs. Clearly, educators are doing a tremendous job of delivering the kind of quality instruction that is fueling this student growth." The top two counties in achievement scores are Tyler and Putnam. The county that registered the greatest improvement over last year's scores was Pleasants. Other counties with noteworthy improvement include Clay, Summers, Wyoming, Boone and Monroe. Two years ago, the Stanford Achievement test replaced the Comprehensive Test of Basic Skills that the state had used since 1976. The Stanford compares achievements of West Virginia students to a nationally-normed sampling of students. About 200,000 West Virginia students in grades 3-11 were tested in reading vocabulary, reading comprehension, math problem-solving, math procedures, language mechanics, language expression, spelling, study skills, science, social studies and listening.  

Average state scores in total basic skills over the last three years are:  

Grades----1996-97-----1997-98-----1998-99 Three--------58------------62-----------63 Four---------58------------61-----------62 Five----------58------------60-----------62 Six-----------63------------65-----------65 Seven-------57------------59------------60 Eight--------57------------60------------61 Nine---------55------------58-----------59 Ten----------54------------57------------58 Eleven------56-------------58-----------59

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