Students in McDowell and Wyoming Counties to Receive Free School Meals

August 16, 2001

Children attending schools in McDowell and Wyoming counties will be eligible for free school meals as a result of the summer flood devastation. The West Virginia Department of Education had appealed to the U.S. Department of agriculture, Food and Nutrition Service Division, requesting that the children in those counties be determined eligible for the free meals due to the loss of income, property and other resources. The Department received notification yesterday that the request had been approved.  

“This is great news for the children and families who have suffered such tremendous losses during the recent flooding,” said State Superintendent Dr. David Stewart. “It is our hope that these free school meals will provide much-needed assistance during this difficult time. The Department of Education will continue to assist these schools in any way we can.”  

All children will be eligible for the free school meals beginning the first week of school and continuing through the month of September. During this time, applications will be collected to determine eligibility for the remainder of the school year.  

For more information, contact Mary Kay Harrison, Executive Director, Office of Child Nutrition, West Virginia Department of Education, (304) 558-2709.

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