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State Board to Meet in Berkeley County on August 9

August 02, 2001

The West Virginia Board of Education will hold its regular monthly meeting on Thursday, August 9, in the auditorium at Musselman High School, 8783 Winchester Avenue, Inwood, WV. President Sandra M. Chapman will preside.  

The State Board will meet for a work session beginning at 2:00 p.m., Wednesday, August 8, in the cafeteria at Potomack Intermediate School, 15308 Williamsport Pike, Martinsburg. Following the work session, the Board will adjourn to the Holiday Inn in Martinsburg for a reception and showcase of schools presented and sponsored by the Berkeley County School System and their business partners.  


August 9, 2001  

8:30 a.m. CALL TO ORDER  





•Accreditation Status Based on Education Performance Audit of the Greenbrier County School System  

•School District Approval Status and School Accreditation Status Based on Follow-Up Education Performance Audit of the Pendleton County School System  

•Policy 2320-A Process for Improving Education-Performance Based Accreditation System •Appointment of a Committee to Review Policy 2320 as Required by HB 2934 •Student Achievement, Performance Measure 4.1 Stanford Achievement Test 9  

•Recommendations for Professional Development Based on Education Performance Audits and Annual Performance Measures REPORT •Strategic Plan FY2001  

CONSENT AGENDA ITEMS •Approval of Minutes •Routine Business County Boards of Education Budget Supplement/Transfer Requests for 2001-02 Report on Activities of the HVAC Technicians Project CATS Education First Office of Healthy Schools Instructional Technology Report Administrative Technology Report Mingo County Lincoln County High School Diplomas for Veterans Athletic Trainer Waivers Personnel  


•Increased Instructional Time OLD BUSINESS •Policy 4320-Policies of Operation Manual Child Nutrition Programs  

•Policy 4321.1-Standards for School Nutrition •Policy 5301-College Hours or Comparable Training in a Trade or Vocational School  

•Policy 2422.7-Basic and Specialized Health Care Procedure Manual for West Virginia Public Schools •Policy 2422.8-Medication Administration •Policy 2460-Use of Internet by Students and Educators •Policy 6200-Handbook on Planning School Facilities •WVDE Recommendations re: Tomblin v. Gainer Committees  


•Educational Personnel Preparation Programs in West Virginia Colleges and Universities 2001-02 •Approval of Policy Regarding Retirees as Substitutes  


FUTURE MEETINGS •September 13 in Randolph County  


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