Wheeling Attorney Elected President of the State Board

July 12, 2001

Sandra Chapman of Wheeling was elected president of the West Virginia Board of Education today at the conclusion of its monthly meeting in Morgantown.  

Paul Morris of Charleston was elected vice president and Jim MacCallum of Madison was elected secretary.  

Chapman is an attorney with the law firm, Flaherty, Sensabaugh and Bonasso, PLLC, and has been in practice since 1983. She has served on the state board since 1996 and was vice president in 2000 and secretary in 1999. She is married to Patrick Casey and they have three children, Ethan, Liam and Veronica.  

Vice president Paul Morris is a retired safety director with Rhone-Poulenc and has been a state board member since 1979. Jim MacCallum, an attorney with Shaffer and Shaffer of Madison, was appointed to the state board in 1989. Each will serve a one-year term.  

The West Virginia Board of Education is established in the West Virginia Constitution and is vested with supervision of the state’s 818 elementary and secondary schools. State board members are appointed by the Governor and serve for overlapping nine-year terms.  

Chapman succeeds J.D. Morris of Clay as state board president.

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