Video Educates Families About Healthy Eating Habits

March 29, 2001

To educate families in the Mountain State about the importance of developing healthy eating habits, the West Virginia Department of Education, Office of Child Nutrition, has produced an informative and fun video.  

The 15-minute video, "West Virginia Traditions: Families, Food and Fun," may be purchased by parent groups, parent-teacher organizations, child care providers, businesses, community groups and other organizations interested in promoting healthy eating habits.  

This informative video stresses the importance of adults setting a good example by practicing healthy eating, as well as ways school nutrition programs and families can contribute to children's nutrition, health and learning. Children learn eating habits from their families, so parents and caregivers are faced with being good role models and providing healthy meals that children will eat. This video lets parents know there are solutions to the dilemma of establishing healthy eating habits and providing tasty, well-balanced meals even with today's hectic schedules.  

The video uses humor and fast-paced segments to illustrate the importance of developing healthy eating habits at an early age.  

To purchase the video or to obtain more information, contact Kathy Talley, West Virginia Department of Education, at (304) 558-5363 or e mail Joni Craddock, West Virginia Department of Education, at

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