Governor's Schools Applications Available Online

November 27, 2000

West Virginia's Governor’s Honors Academy and Governor’s School for the Arts have taken a step into the new millennium by placing applications available online at  

For the first time, applications booklets have not been sent to schools. Instead, the applications for students, teachers, resident directors and resident assistants can be accessed at the new website.  

In addition to the applications, the site includes information about each of the academies, including photographs taken during July 2000 and comments from some of the alumni. Designed by Levi Bracken, one of the webmasters of the award-winning “Cool Site” at Oak Hill High School in Fayette County, is a user-friendly site that can be navigated easily.  

Sherry Keffer, state coordinator of Governor’s Schools and gifted education, said that the decision to go online was a logical one.  

“Using technology has been a major thrust in West Virginia’s schools, and the Internet is an excellent venue for finding information,” she explained. “Over the years, we have received complaints that students did not receive information. School personnel tended to think that the number of applicants per school was limited, giving the application to only a few. By advertising the site, we hope to make awareness of the opportunity much more widespread.”  

Anyone who is interested can either download the application, ask a school counselor for one, or have a friend download it.  

Although the application is accessed online, it will continue to be submitted the traditional way -- through the mail -- as the application still requires several original signatures and transcripts.  

School personnel are encouraged to allow time for use of school computers and printers for those students who do not have Internet access at home.  

Keffer also communicated dates that the various applications are due in the Department of Education, Office of Special Education, in Charleston.  

Faculty applications for both academies are due no later than November 22; GSA student applications are due by December 15; RD and RA applications for both schools are due by January 12; and GHA applications are due by February 14. All applications except those for GHA are to be sent by the applicant. GHA applications and selections are submitted by county superintendents.

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