W.Va. Schools Encouraged to Apply to Receive NASA Artifacts

December 11, 2009

CHARLESTON, W.Va. –Schools across West Virginia are being encouraged to apply for free NASA space shuttle artifacts, including astronaut helmets, gloves, boots, and large items such as shuttle Motion Based Simulators and Crew Compartment Trainers through the Federal Surplus Personal Property Donation Program.
NASA, which will retire the Space Shuttle Program at the end of 2010, wants students and others to learn about the wonders of space exploration through exhibitions. Schools that want to acquire an artifact must first be determined eligible by the state agency for surplus property in their respective states. Once eligibility is determined, schools will be provided with a user ID. Artifacts, which will be released as they are no longer needed by the Space Shuttle Program, may be viewed by eligible institutions at the Web site http://gsaxcess.gov/NASAWel.htm. West Virginia schools can get their user IDs by contacting the West Virginia State Agency for Surplus Property at 304-766-2626.
Participating schools will then need only to pay shipping and special handling fees for the items. Shipping fees on smaller items will be relatively inexpensive, while larger items may involve extensive disassembly, preparation, shipping and reassembly costs. NASA will work closely with potential recipients to address unique handling costs.
For more information, contact Michael Curie with NASA at 202-358-1100; Regina Scotchie, social studies coordinator for the West Virginia Department of Education at 304-558-5325; or the Office of Communications at 304-558-2699.

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