Board Reaffirms Employment of State Superintendent

May 22, 2000

At a special meeting held today in Charleston, the West Virginia Board of Education reaffirmed that David Stewart will continue to serve as State Superintendent of Schools for an indeterminate period of time while the superintendent search process continues.  

The Board further stated that it will encourage Dr. Stewart and other interested candidates to make application for the position over the months to come.  

“Because of continuing questions regarding the terms of Dr. Stewart’s employment, the State Board wanted to make it clear that he will serve in this post until the search concludes,” said State Board President Cleo Mathews of Hinton.  

Because state law requires that the position of state superintendent of schools be filled in a full-time capacity following a resignation or vacancy, the board reiterated that Dr. Stewart is neither “interim” nor “acting” superintendent.  

“We have given Dr. Stewart complete authority to lead the Department by organizing offices and staff to best serve the education needs of this state,” Mathews noted. “The State Board is eager to launch new programs such as virtual classrooms and address other issues such as assessment and accountability. We are certain Dr. Stewart will move us toward these goals.”

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