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State Board of Education to Meet in Charleston - July 13, 2006

July 05, 2006

The State Board will meet in regular session on Thursday, July 13, 2006, beginning at 9:00 a.m. in the Board Conference Room, Capitol Building 6, Room 353, 1900 Kanawha Boulevard, East, Charleston, WV.  


9:00 a.m. CALL TO ORDER - WELCOME - INTRODUCTIONS - President Lowell E. Johnson  





· Approval of Minutes - (Action)  

· Routine Business  

County Boards of Education, RESAs, and Multi-County Vocational Centers Budget Supplement and Transfer Requests for 2005-06 - (Action)  

Approval of Step 7 Plans - (Action)  

Amendment/Closure - Fayette County Comprehensive Educational Facilities Plan (CEFP) - (Action)  

Office of School Facilities, Facility Reviews - (Action)  

Waivers of State Board of Education Policies and Regulations, Superintendent’s Interpretations and State Statutes and Legislative Rules - (Action)  

Summer School - (Action)  

Policy 2325, High Quality Standards for Juvenile Institutional Education Programs - (Action)  

Policy 5100, Approval of Educational Personnel Preparation Programs – (Action)  

Policy 5202, Minimum Requirements for the Licensure of Professional/Paraprofessional Personnel and Advanced Salary Classifications - (Action)  

State Professional Staff Development Plan - (Action)  

Draft Standards for WVDE-Approved Professional Development – (Action)  

Approval of Three New Programs for Two Institutions of Higher Education and Revisions to Eight Programs at Three Institutions of Higher Education – (Action)  

Appointment of John Curry and Paula Potter to the Program Review Board - (Action)  

Final Individual School Education Performance Audit Reports for Bedington Elementary School, Hedgesville Elementary School, Marlowe Elementary School, Potomack Intermediate School, Hedgesville Middle School, Martinsburg South Middle School, Musselman Middle School, Martinsburg High School and Musselman High School - Berkeley County - (Action)  

Final Individual School Education Performance Audit Report for North Marion High School, Marion County - (Action)  


· Board Member/Committee Reports  

Board Member Reports - (Information/Action)  

Board Committee Reports - (Information/Action)  

· State Superintendent’s Report  

Personnel - (Information) Updates - Lincoln, McDowell, Mingo and/or Hampshire County – (Information/Action)  

Update - Legal Matters - (Information/Action)  


West Virginia Secondary School Activities Commission, Series 2 - Athletics, Provisions Governing Eligibility and Series 3 – Provisions Governing Contests – (Action)  

West Virginia Board of Education Personnel Routine Personnel - (Action)  

Consideration of Salary Increase for Superintendent of the West Virginia Schools for the Deaf and the Blind - (Action)  

Continuation of the Appointment of an Interim Executive Director of RESA I – (Action)  

Board Items for Future Consideration - (Discussion)  

President’s Retrospective - (Information)  

Election of Officers - (Action)  


FUTURE MEETINGS - (Information)  

ADJOURNMENT - (Action)  

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