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WVDE Seeking Supplemental Educational Service Providers To Assist Schools In Reaching West Virginia Achieves Goals

March 07, 2006

Charleston, W.Va. – As part of West Virginia Achieves, the state’s No Child Left Behind implementation plan, the West Virginia Department of Education is releasing a request for applications to potential providers for Title I supplemental educational services.  

The request for application is based upon the federal legislation permitting school districts who receive Title I Part A funds to provide supplemental services for disadvantaged children attending low performing schools.  

Interested parties may download a copy of the application by clicking on (put link) or request a copy by contacting Karen Davies, Title I School Improvement Coordinator, at or (304) 558-7817.  

Potential providers are advised that only the current (06-07) supplemental educational services application will be accepted for consideration. Proposals are due by 4 p.m. on May 12, 2006. No fax or email copies will be accepted.  

Application for Supplemental Education Service Provider  

Letter to Prospective Provider for Supplemental Educational Services  


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