West Virginia Takes Center Stage at National Education Summit

December 10, 2005


Charleston, W.Va . – The West Virginia Legislature joined forces with the Department of Education on a national stage to share the state’s vision for future learning. State Superintendent of Schools Steve Paine and West Virginia Senate Education Committee Chairman Robert Plymale played key roles in the State Legislator Education Summit in San Diego, California earlier this month.  

Senator Plymale is a member of the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) No Child Left Behind (NCLB) National Task Force and is the Education Chairman of the NCSL. He served as a moderator on several panels during the Summit.  

“The Summit provided West Virginia a great opportunity to highlight our educational accomplishments with other legislative leaders throughout the United States,” said Plymale. “Superintendent Paine and I were able to engage in discussions about NCLB and share our perspective on the future of the federal legislation.”  

Meanwhile, Paine joined legislative leaders from around the country on a panel to discuss NCLB and its implications four years after its implementation. Panel members included California Superintendent of Schools Jack O’Connell, New York State Senator Stephen Saland and Center on Education Policy Director Patty Sullivan.  

Other workshops included a session on creating a quality public schools agenda and the outlook for NCLB Congressional reauthorization and federal education policy.  

“I am not surprised that lawmakers across the nation want to know our recipe for success. The collaboration between the West Virginia Legislature and the Department of Education has proven to be a hardy win for the students of the Mountain State,” said Paine. “The Summit allowed us to put a spotlight on what can be achieved by working as a team.”  

The State Legislator Education Summit was sponsored by the Communities for Quality Education (CQE). CQE is a national advocacy organization dedicated to promoting a quality public schools agenda. CQE is working to bring the voices of parents, teachers, students, and state and local leaders to the education debate and to build a national constituency on behalf of public schools.  


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