Committee Seeks Input From High School Students On Attendance And Senior Year

December 09, 2005

Charleston, W.Va – West Virginia high school students are being heard loud and clear … electronically. The West Virginia Board of Education’s Committee on “A Vision for Students’ Success” (the report of the Task Force on High Schools for West Virginia’s Future) is interested in what West Virginia high school students have to say regarding two areas they have targeted based on the report’s recommendations.  

Attendance and the senior year will be addressed in a survey to West Virginia high school students which will be active for a period of 12 days- – from December 5, 2005, until midnight on Friday, December 16, 2005. Responses will be compiled for the committee’s use during their discussions and deliberations regarding possible Board action.  

The first part of the survey contains questions dealing with attendance issues and may be responded to by any student in grades 9-12. The second part of the survey has questions dealing with the senior year and should only be completed by high school seniors. Students can access the survey on personal computers or the survey can also be completed as a class project in a school’s computer lab.  

“Many times the best way to gain a better perspective is to hear from the students, themselves,” said Betty Jo Jordan, assistant director for the Office of Technical and Secondary Program Improvement. “The State Board is quite interested in what these students have to say and how it can strengthen the curriculum in high schools.”  

In order to access the survey, students will go to the web site  

Special accounts have already been created. The students will log in with any one of the usernames which are student1, student2 .... student31. For students taking the survey individually, students are to choose the username that matches the day of the month on which there were born. This will help prevent having too many students around the state from all logging in as student1.  

If a group of students plans to take the survey together, the teacher should assign a different username for each student in the group. If there are more than 30 students taking the survey as a group, a second student can be assigned to use each username.  

The password for all accounts is survey and the username and password are both all in lowercase with no space or punctuation.  

Once successfully logged in, the student will see "High School Survey" with some brief instructions regarding questions that are only to be answered by seniors. Students should follow the ling that will take them to the survey.  

After responding, the student must click the SUBMIT button at the lower right corner of the survey.  

A student should only complete the survey once.  

For more information about the survey, please contact Betty Jo Jordan or John Riddle, the West Virginia Department of Education’s Division of Technical and Adult Education, at 304-558-2438.

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