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Welcome to the WVDE Resource Center's extensive list of support materials that have been gathered from many locations in an effort to support candidates with resources aligned to the NBPTS Standards. Resources listed under Preparing a Portfolio were shared with us from our Network friends at the Arizona K-12 Center.

Getting Started

  1. Eligibility Forms
  2. Mission and History
  3. 5 Core Propositions
  4. NBPTS Certification Process

Candidate Center ---National Board now has a site devoted entirely to candidates --

  1. Guide to National Board Certification
  2. Apply Online
  3. The Revisions to the Process
  4. Certificate Areas and Standards --Click on the Link for Your Certificate Area
  5. Revisions: One Pager
  6. PowerPoint Explaining how Revisions Affect Candidates

Preparing a Portfolio

  1. ePortfolio: Electronic Submission
  2. What I Know About a Student (AZ K-12)
  3. Architecture of Accomplished Teaching (AZ K-12)
  4. Styles of Writing for National Board (AZ K-12)
  5. NBPTS Components (AZ K-12)

The Timeline for Rolling Out the New NB Process

  1. Assessment Center
  2. How Will My Response Be Scored?
  3. Assessment Center Tutorial